relief in the wake of loss

grief support for women

if you’ve lost the one you love,

and it feels like your bones won’t hold you up, and even breathing is hard because your world just got shattered, and your heartache doesn’t feel safe anywhere…

there are spaces that can cradle your story and your tears, and this is one of them.


welcome. my name is claire.

My grief support work for women is about crafting a space where you can give voice to your grief.

Learn about why I do the work I do. You’re in good hands here.


grief support.

I provide relief for women bearing the heaviness of loss by giving your grief someplace to go with one-on-one coaching.

When the days are grueling and living feels impossible and the pain is unbearable, our time together is a soft place to fall.


grief support podcast

Tune in halfway through this episode of “I want what SHE has” podcast to hear me speak about my grief coaching and what it means to offer deep presence to women grieving the loss of their spouse.

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Claire Papell is a gift. She stepped seamlessly into the role as my support person before my husband was discharged from the hospital and accompanied us through the last twelve days of his life when he came home. Claire navigated the intensity of that emotional space with me as my entire life unraveled. From handling the impact of our many friends and relatives, to interacting with caretakers and the Hospice team, Claire was front and center or quietly making sure there was tea and coffee as needed. She anticipated what needed doing and made sure it got done. 

The American death ritual is more about filling out endless paperwork than you can imagine. Planning a memorial and contacting all of the necessary legal and financial entities while in deep grief, is impossible to do without help. With Claire not being a family member, she had a singular clarity enacting the details of my family’s decisions. She further helped me to set the stage for moving forward alone. 

It is normal to feel functionally “crazy” after your loved one dies. Claire is one of those rare women who is non-judgmental, empathetic, and grounded at the same time. She was indispensable to me and I am forever grateful to her. I will never forget what she gave to me and my family. Her joyful spirit and commitment to life offered me a ready heart and steady hands when my own heart was breaking. 
— Reverend Judi Bachrach 

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